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Ceramics - Delacava
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The Art of mud
Our work reflects our way of life… it is simple, rustic and utilitarian.


It is all handmade using clay slabs and plaster moulds and feature a fine line of unglazed clay. Simple and irregular they are alike, but never the same. This is our most popular design our clients greatly appreciate that each piece is different.


Our other work is thrown Pottery pieces, mugs, plates and bowls.  Finer pieces of traditional style and design  made on the potter’s wheel. They are very simple pieces with a semi matt white glaze. Some we paint by hand with naive drawings of plants, flowers and animals inspired by the nature that surrounds us or make more artistic brush marks with colour.


With wheel thrown pots you get a little more regularity in the form but we choose to make them so they still retain the spontaneity of handmade work.


We have several types of client and new shapes and forms always arise from these collaborations! We really like our clients to visit the workshop and see the whole process. That makes our work be perceived differently and valued. We sell directly from our workshop and design specific pieces for decorators, restaurateurs and cooks. In recent years we have worked with several local chefs who have commissioned specific pieces to suit their style and cuisine.


Some of our work can be found at :


  • “Al Norte”   Jarandilla de La Vera.
  • “La Casa del Pozo”  Villanueva de La Vera
  • “ YokaLoka” Mercado de San Antón, Madrid.
  • “Amelia Aran Decoración” Madrid.


We are very open to commissions that are similar or within what we design and make.


Like many other Potters and artists, it has taken us quite a few years to find a body of work that truly represent us. Our ceramics is an honest product, made with love and attention. We like the idea of using something handmade and beautiful every day, we encourage imperfection! We want authenticity, beauty, work that is meaningful. We are confident and excited about what we offer through our work.



In our workshop we also offer residential ceramic courses.  Accommodation is either in our beautiful stone cottage or in our charming little studio flat. Courses are designed around your needs and can be a beginner’s course in ceramics, a throwing masterclass or a Raku firing experience (a very special Japanese firing technique) It is a wonderful opportunity to experience the craft process and be fully immersed in a working pottery atmosphere!!